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What you need to know about the new hospitality training package update

Training package updates are an unavoidable disruption in the world of VET.  With the hospitality training package now in the process of being updated, we thought we would provide a detailed overview of the changes and our plans to assist RTOs in the transition.  

What’s changing? 

There are nine cookery qualifications that have gone through the development and review stage and are now endorsed. However, they are not being updated or released on the national register yet. This is because they contain units that are due to be updated in the current tourism, travel, hospitality and events project, which is on track to be considered at the April 2022 AISC meeting. As this project is not yet approved, releasing them now would mean there would be superseded units in all the cookery qualifications. The Department of Education and Skills Employment (DESE) is, therefore, holding them back to be published at the same time as the tourism, travel, hospitality and events training package products. This is due to occur in May 2022 (subject to timing of Ministerial endorsement).  

This is good news as it means RTOs will not need to update their scope twice as has been the case for some other training packages recently (IT and upcoming AUR). It’s also good news for resource developers such as RTO Works as it means the cookery, patisserie, kitchen operations, inventory and food safety units are final and will not be changed before release so we can get a head start on development. 

Are the new cookery qualifications equivalent? 

The qualifications and many of the units (not all) have been deemed equivalent. This means you will automatically have the new quals added to your scope without the need to reapply to ASQA (if you already have them on your scope of registration). Although deemed equivalent, there are changes to the qualifications (e.g., new units added) and the units themselves have significant changes often at the performance evidence level. 

Should I update my current resources or purchase new ones? 

While RTOs have the choice to update their existing resources, it’s important you consider the time, energy and costs associated with doing it in-house. If altering resources from a provider, your licence agreement could have copyright implications and the compliance promise voided at an audit. Alternatively, purchasing updated SIT training package resources from your current or new resource supplier may be a more compliant and efficient option. 

It takes time and skill to update resources. It should only be undertaken by an experienced instructional designer with current VET and industry experience – something that can be very costly if you choose to engage a short-term contractor for the project. Altering resources, not originally developed by your organisation, can also be problematic. Trainers who are tasked with this may unintentionally restructure, re-write or remove content resulting in a compliance gap that could have major implications in an audit. While updating resources internally may be a suitable option for larger RTOs who have inhouse instructional designers – most of the smaller and medium-sized RTOs will choose to purchase from an off-the-shelf provider and contextualise as needed.  

What is RTO Works doing to support RTOs? 

RTO Works is developing resources for the following qualifications: 

We have also developed the following qualifications in our SIT training package range:  

In the meantime, we have reduced the cost of our current hospitality resources by 40% to assist RTOs who may still need some of the current resources for delivery or applications to ASQA. If you would like a sample, please get in touch at or order and instantly download resources via our e-commerce store. You will also find in our store our range of resources. From our CPC training package, HLT training package, and ICT training package – we’re always expanding upon our RTO learning resources.