RTO Audit Services

We provide RTO audit services and support to ensure your RTO is ready for ASQA’s scrutiny.

Express Audit

RTO Works offers an Express Audit service that covers up to two qualifications. This involves a review of documents which relate to all aspects of the student journey. This includes:

  • Marketing and student recruitment
  • Enrolment
  • Training and assessment
  • Student support
  • Regulatory compliance and governance

Once we have completed our Express Audit, clients receive a written report summarising our findings. An Express RTO Audit from RTO Works is a great way to monitor compliance and to check whether your RTO’s compliance health is on track.

Internal Audit

During our Internal Audit service, our consultants review internal processes, documentation and personnel. Each of these is crucial during an audit, and we can ensure you are on track for your next regulatory audit.

Our service includes:

  • Preparation for the internal audit, including the internal audit plan
  • Conducting the internal audit
  • Providing an internal audit report and discussing this with you (this will include findings and recommendations for action)
  • Liaison with you and your team throughout the internal audit process.

Our Internal Audit service can be conducted in-person at your RTO, or remotely via our desktop access process. If conducted at your RTO’s premises, additional travel costs will apply.

We recommend that clients engage us at least six months prior to any upcoming regulatory audits that you are aware of. This gives you time to action any recommendations we make as a result of the Internal Audit.

Alternatively, we can conduct Internal Audits on a routine basis. Routine RTO audits help you stay on top of compliance issues and ensure your RTO is ready for any regulatory audit.

Due Diligence Audit

If you’re looking at purchasing an RTO, our Due Diligence Audit service will ensure you know what you are getting into.

A change of ownership event can trigger an audit and scrutiny from ASQA. A Due Diligence Audit can assist you in preparing for this by providing a full picture of the RTO’s compliance health, as well as recommendations on changes that need to be made.

Our Due Diligence Audits include the same details as our Internal Audits. In addition, we will also include considerations such as:

  • The compliance history of the RTO
  • The scope of registration
  • Recent student delivery data

This provides everything you need to prepare your new RTO ahead of any regulatory audits from ASQA.