Assessment Validation

Ensure compliance and the quality of assessment tools with assessment validation by our expert consultants.

Assessment Tool Quality Review

The Standards for RTOs require RTOs to conduct validation and maintain assessment validation records.

Assessment tool quality review ensures that tools are effective and compliant.

We can quality review your assessment tools and provide a written report of our findings. This service is ideal as a pre-implementation process, or as a general compliance activity once assessment tools have been implemented.

Post-Implementation Assessment Validation

RTO Works also conducts post-implementation assessment validation.

Our post-implementation assessment involves reviewing statistically valid samples of the assessments completed by the students at your RTO. We audit the students’ work against the assessment tools, instructions, marking guidance and benchmark responses.

We will highlight any areas of concern in relation to the validation of assessment, assessment administration or marking. Our consultants will also make recommendations for improving your processes in the future.