Course Accreditation

Our course accreditation services can help you develop and submit new, nationally recognised courses.

Accredited Course Development

RTO Works are experts in course development and accreditation. If you are developing a course, our consultants can work with you to make your project a success.

There are two phases to a course accreditation project:

  • Course concept phase

    During this phase, we work with you to build your course concept. We will explore whether there is justification for a new course to be developed, and help you to build and formalise this justification.

    Our consultants conduct research and engage with industry, develop details about the target group, analyse projected enrolment numbers, and develop the structure of the course.

    Once we have developed a concept, this can be submitted to ASQA for review.

  • Course development phase

    If ASQA approves your concept, we can proceed to course development. During this stage, we will assist you to develop documentation, consult with relevant stakeholders, and write enterprise units.

    We will also provide support for submitting your application to ASQA.

Our team has taken many clients through this complex process and achieved great results. So, if you’re a mover and shaker who wants to stand out as a leader in their field, get in touch to discuss how we can help build a new course and have it accredited as nationally recognised training.