Committed experts lead by an industry veteran.

Since 2000, RTO Works has been one of Australia’s leading developers of training resources and consulting services for VET providers. We’re at the forefront of innovative learning and assessment, and our approach to education isn’t just agile and results-driven, it’s sustainability centred.

RTO Works is passionate about education, sustainability and environmental protection. Every team member focuses on building progressive, meaningful relationships with clients, industry and instructional designers – for quality education that puts people first.

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Thought Leader

Sally Tansley

Specialises in consulting for RTOs, CRICOS and ELICOS providers.

Sally has been advising Australian vocational education and training (VET) providers for over 20 years. As a well-known industry leader, she has spearheaded the development of quality and compliant learning and assessment resources – in addition to providing outstanding consultancy and auditing services not just for training providers, but also for industry stakeholders and government agencies.

With extensive industry experience, Sally knows the ins-and-outs of registration, compliance, rectification, training and assessment. In fact, her time as a former auditor for a number of VET regulators – and as a current member of the Training Package Quality Assurance Panel – is what demonstrated to her the need for high quality learning resources and well-supported providers.

Sally is passionate about helping training organisations get compliant and stay compliant. Since starting RTO Works (as J&S Learningwork in 2000), Sally has guided the development of Learning and Assessment resources and offered consulting services that have empowered hundreds in the VET industry to focus on achieving excellent outcomes for students.


Sally is learning to play the piano, and she rides her bicycle barefoot every morning.

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Chief Visionary

Brooke Lombard

Specialises in creating long-term value and innovation for VET partners and the industry.

Brooke has an extensive background in supporting and growing businesses in a number of industries – in addition to experience as an Instructional Designer and Course Developer, creating quality industry training. This unique combination has allowed her to identify strong opportunities for RTO Works to innovate in the VET industry.

Her management of the RTO Works team has seen the development of a number of new education resources and business processes, which have built stronger relationships with our VET partners and led to better industry outcomes. Having dealt extensively with ASQA on behalf of training providers, she deeply understands their needs.

Brooke is passionate about providing top-down support to both her team and its clients – implementing strategies that boost efficiency and create new opportunities for success. With her knowledge of registration and compliance, instructional design and project management, Brooke is leading from the front to improve the products and services of RTO Works.


Brooke loves to switch off from the world by going camping. When she was 18, she left Australia for a two-year working holiday, only to end up returning 13 years later.

Why RTO Works?

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We empower our VET partners to focus on providing excellent outcomes for students.

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We identify opportunities and growth areas for VET providers and help achieve their goals.

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We want to be leading the industry with new and creative solutions and services.

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We’ve developed quality resources and provided expert consulting services for over 20 years.

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We’re honest and direct in our approach – always putting our relationships first.

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We believe in operating as a digital-first, environmentally friendly company that minimises waste.

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Director of First Impressions

Aubyn Fauteux

Aubyn provides support that goes beyond your expectations – delivering impeccable customer service to everyone who engages with RTO Works. As a key link between our resources development team and our clients, Aubyn makes sure that every client, partner and contractor is valued and well-looked after.


Aubyn’s surname is French Canadian, and she’s had almost all the colours of the rainbow in her hair over the last five years.

Heidi's avatar Publishing Guru

Heidi Schwager

Heidi is a young member of the team – having graduated high school in 2018 – but already has a Certificate III in Live Production and Services. In 2019, she spent the year traveling around the globe while working to assist RTO Works and its clients from afar. Heidi provides crucial and valuable support throughout all areas of the business, and has been doing so since she joined the team in 2018.


When Heidi was 15, she did a three-month student exchange experience in Barcelona. She has also never broken a bone.

Mehil's avatar Number Ninja

Mehil Beckerman

Mehil is a true financial professional – being a qualified teacher of mathematics and holding a degree in statistics. He works closely with clients on their financial forecasting for input into ASQA’s FVRA tool, and has been managing the accounts and administration of RTO Works since it was founded. Mehil is from Brazil and used to work as a Portuguese to English language translator.


Mehil goes on an overseas silent meditation retreat each year, and in his heyday, was once a marathon runner.

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Quality Engineer

Danita Martin

Danita ensures that every resource from RTO Works meets our exceptional quality standards. As our head instructional designer, she leads the team that develops our content – to meet best practice principles and our clients’ expectations. Any feedback that we receive on our training and assessment material goes straight to Danita – who works constantly to make our resources the best they can be.


Danita isn’t just a qualified industrial engineer; she also boasts a teaching degree! This gives her extra insight into how we can make our resources even more user friendly.

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Compliance Warrior

Leandri Muller

Leandri works with our clients to develop effective training and assessment strategies (TAS) and timetables. These crucial documents help give every client a clear understanding of how to manage the delivery of our resources and assessments. With her expertise and knowledge of our resources, Leandri works closely with Sally to help our clients avoid problems during the audit stage.


Leandri has a bit of a ‘hippy’ soul. She is a lover of the environment and all its special creatures. In her spare time, she enjoys art, travelling and simply being in nature.