Addition to Scope

Grow your business and support more students with addition to scope consulting services.

VET Addition to Scope

As your business grows, you may consider adding more courses to your scope of registration.

RTO Works provides addition to scope services for RTOs who want to expand their offerings to students. We offer end-to-end support, including building new courses, providing advice and helping you select the best training materials for your students.

Our team can create training and assessment strategies (TAS) for you and manage the submission requirements to ASQA. We also support RTOs who fall within their two-year initial period by preparing the required FVRA documentation and CPA sign-off.

ELICOS Addition to Scope

Many VET providers decide to offer ELICOS courses in addition to VET courses. The popularity of English language courses as the foundation of studying in Australia means ELICOS courses can be an excellent addition to your business.

Adding ELICOS to your scope allows international students to transition to VET courses seamlessly. Once they have completed their English language proficiency, students can move onto the VET courses you offer. This is convenient for students and it adds significant value for your RTO, providing an additional source of income and diversifying your RTO's portfolio of course offerings.