RTO Policies and Procedures

Our RTO policies and procedures can significantly reduce the time it takes to develop documentation for your RTO.

Policy and Procedure Packs

RTO Works policy and procedure packs are the ideal solution for setting up a new RTO, renewing your policies or rectifying issues uncovered at audit.

As part of this service, you receive access to our off-the-shelf RTO policy and procedure documentation. These documents can easily be altered to suit your business, which dramatically reduces the time it takes to develop custom documents.

Meeting the Standards for RTOs 2015, the ESOS Act 2000, the National Code 2018 and the ELICOS Standards 2018, our packs include:

  • Full set of policies and procedures
  • Supporting documents
  • Templated forms
  • Student handbook
  • Orientation pack

With policies, procedures, forms and templates provided by our consultants, you can substantially reduce the expense and time invested in developing documentation.

Our team can also provide bespoke support to assist with the implementation of these packs. This can ensure all RTO policies and procedures are correctly controlled, and content is tailored to meet the needs of your students.

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