How RTO Works builds a strong workplace culture

An organisation’s culture is an integral part of its identity. As the set of shared values and goals that each person in the business understands, respects and follows, your culture informs more than just how you interact internally. It flows on to your productivity and how you engage with your clients (whether they be students or customers).

It’s also everyone’s responsibility. Good company culture isn’t enforced from the top – the whole team’s beliefs and actions count. 

We’ve already showcased several of our important team members. Each brings a special perspective and level of expertise to not just their role, but also to the wider company. Sally, Brooke, Heidi, Mehil and Aubyn are just a few of the personalities who make up RTO Works. Their commitment to strengthening our unique culture is what makes our business special.

Our philosophy on company culture

At RTO Works, ‘company culture’ is more than just a values statement. Everything from our business structure to our working arrangements reinforce our dedication to taking a more human approach to transforming the VET sector and providing quality learning and assessment resources

We don’t believe that it’s a privilege to be employed at RTO Works. Rather,  we are privileged to have team members who want to be employed with us and who have so much to contribute to our industry. 

A flat organisational structure

With no ‘management’ and no ‘subordinates’, RTO Works recognises that every individual in the company has an important part to play in meeting our goals. We treat everyone as an equal. 

This mutual respect and lack of ego and hierarchy extends to our relationships with clients and contractors. When you partner with us, you’ll notice the difference in how we conduct ourselves. We’re dedicated to developing authentic and long-lasting relationships, rather than just ‘doing business’.

A true work-life balance

When we find a person who’s the right fit for our business, we in turn make sure that we’re the right fit for them. Several of our staff prefer part time employment or have asked for flexible arrangements around family and other commitments. 

Being able to make your job harmonise with the rest of your life is something that everyone appreciates. We’ve actually found that both the quality and quantity of our output improves when we’re more flexible.

A remote, connected workplace

When clients ask us “Where are you located?”, our response is “Well, everywhere!” One of the most unique aspects of RTO Works is that it has no central office or HQ. Every team member works from a home office or where they feel most productive and comfortable. 

While many organisations would see this as a detriment for building a positive company culture, we find that it’s quite the opposite. We’re reducing our impact on the environment, through reduced travel and waste, while still being able to connect virtually at any time both internally and with clients across Australia. 

We believe it’s the work that’s important, not the workplace. 

All of these factors contribute to our success by building happy and purposeful teams…

How are you focusing on making your company culture the best it can be?

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