From 1st July our prices are increasing. Please check each qualification page for information about inclusions, as most learning and assessment packs will now include a session plan as a standard offering, or contact us for more information.


Quality RTO Materials including Learning Resources & Assessment Packs

Choose high-quality RTO materials that are designed by subject matter experts, trainers and RTOs. Backed by a team that was awarded Gold for Compliance Team and Diamond for Leadership at the LearnX Awards 2023.

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Our complete catalogue is now available for order in your choice of SCORM format!

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Select RTO resources for your industry

All our RTO resources are designed by our hand-picked team of skilled instructional designers in collaboration with subject matter experts, trainers and RTOs. Our resource development process allows us to focus on producing high-quality, compliant RTO materials for a growing range of subjects and industries.

We stand behind our compliance promise to you!

All training RTO materials offered by RTO Works are backed by our Compliance Promise. We take great pride in offering RTO resources that allow our customers to develop quality courses. At no cost to you, we’re ready to challenge or rectify any issues that appear during an audit. Provided the content and substance of our RTO materials have not been altered in any way, customers can rely on our Compliance Promise to address any audit concerns.

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Our team has over 20 years of experience in the industry, supplying VET providers with the right tools and advice to effectively run their RTOs and deliver strong outcomes.

Too often we see RTOs wasting their valuable time and money with documentation that is simply not fit for purpose. RTO Works provides a range of premium tools and customised documentation that makes it easier to manage the day-to-day of your business.

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Support your learners with ready-to-use eLearning resources.

Our affordable eLearning resources are making it easier for RTOs to provide quality learning experiences that support students, now and in the future.

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Designed in collaboration
with industry experts

Updated at no cost for the
life of the unit

Unlimited use and a once-off
purchase regardless of
student numbers

Instantly downloadable in Word
format with select SCORM packages

RTO Works service and quality are second to none. Their learning and assessment kits are comprehensive and user friendly for trainers and students. If you are looking for quality products and services then RTO Works is your partner in VET.

Muhammed Khan Southern Academy of Business and Technology

I have had the pleasure of engaging with RTO Works for over 5 years, and I must express my utmost satisfaction with the quality of their learning resources. The content provided is not only comprehensive but also presented in a clear and engaging manner. The materials are well-structured, making complex concepts easy to understand, and the inclusion of real-world examples adds practical relevance to the learning experience. I also appreciate the prompt and helpful customer support provided by RTO Works. Any inquiries or concerns were addressed efficiently, reflecting their dedication to customer satisfaction. Overall, I highly recommend RTO Works to anyone seeking high-quality learning materials. Their commitment to excellence, coupled with the effectiveness of their resources, makes them a valuable partner in the pursuit of knowledge and skill development.

Sumit Khanal Kingsford Academy Australia

For the past 5-6 years, our collaboration with RTO Works has been consistently fruitful. We rely on their resources for all our clients, and throughout our partnership, we've encountered no issues that couldn't be promptly resolved. The RTO Works team not only delivers high-quality resources from the outset but also goes above and beyond in offering exceptional support to address any questions or feedback that may arise during the audit process. This level of commitment provides us, as compliance consultants, with a strong sense of assurance. We confidently recommend RTO Works as they willingly take full ownership and responsibility for their work.

SKG Consulting Services

I use RTO Works Policies and Procedures, template documents and forms, that I have contextualized to our RTOs needs. Also we use RTO Works learning and assessment materials which our students and trainers feedback states the quality of current information that is relevant for their industry and gaining jobs. This has saved hundreds of hours of work and to have the assurance that RTO Works materials are compliant with legislation requirements is a major factor.

Brenda Dore

The quality of the work provided by RTO Works is top-level. Their training resources are well written, hit all compliance points and are creative. Definitely not your average, “turn a Performance Criteria into a question” type assessment. Very impressive.

Odette Pihl

I would like to thank Alison at RTO Works for the exceptional assistance you provided during the recent audit process. Her dedication, expertise, and attention to detail were truly invaluable. The thoroughness of her work not only impressed me but also contributed significantly to our overall compliance and operational excellence. I am genuinely thankful for the positive impact you had on our organization. Once again, thank you, Alison, for your outstanding contribution. Your expertise has undoubtedly left a lasting positive impression on our organization.

Raghavendra Anand APEIRO Institute

The team at RTO Works are very professional and always willing to help out with questions. The RTO Works learning, and assessment material is first rate, it's comprehensive, well laid out & compliant. BSI Learning will continue to use their resources in the future.

Scott Wesley BSI Learning

Our RTOs have been using RTO Works resources for many years now. Their learning and assessment resources are of high quality, user friendly, and easily customised to our RTOs’ needs. RTO Works also distinguishes itself with their unparalleled expertise in compliance, audit and government funding. Really recommended to RTOs if they require support in these areas.

Rio Satria Wijaya

Resources available almost immediately. Successfully passed multiple audits. User friendly and logically structured assessments. Ours to own forever and with minimal contextualisation required. RTO works are Gamma College's first choice and are part of our success. Thanks Brooke and team.

Paul Stephenson Gamma College

If you are looking for top notch learning and assessment resources for your RTO, this is it. Highly recommended.


Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase a unit, you receive everything you need to deliver and assess that
unit – with an unlimited use license for one VET provider. This typically includes:

  • Trainer guide
  • Student guide
  • Learning content mapping
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Self-study guide
  • Assessor marking guide
  • Student assessment tasks
  • Mapping guide
  • Some Works categories include additional material – such as video content,
    simulation packs and self-study guides. Trades-based qualifications do not include self-study guides due to the practical nature of the courses.

Note: Theory-based units and trade-based units can vary in the material

We’re currently developing eLearning for our catalogue. Get in touch with our friendly customer service team at to ask about which units and courses we have available!

Every unit from RTO Works is $550 – including GST.

We do not price per qualification, because our clients often want to purchase multiple
qualifications with overlapping units. Quoting by qualification may therefore lead to
clients paying multiple times for the same unit.

With RTO Works, you’ll never pay twice for the same unit.

Please note: This does not apply to our Building and Construction Works suite.
This is because – even among units with identical codes – plans, tasks and questions
vary for different qualifications. For example, carpentry and painting
qualifications may share units, but the details in those units are specialised
depending on the context.

Yes. RTO Works develops customised TAS roadmaps for how to run our courses in
consultation with you.

Some qualifications also have a generic TAS available that has been pre-populated with all of the core units and has instructions so you can customise it yourself. These are available for $220 including GST.

A custom TAS is $550 including GST per course and has a two-week turnaround. You
can add a TAS through our eCommerce store or by contacting our team.

If you purchased our RTO materials online through our eCommerce store, you can access your resources by:

  • downloading via the links on the Purchase Confirmation page,
  • logging into your account and downloading your resources at any time, or
  • downloading via the links automatically sent to your nominated email address.

If you purchased through a member of the RTO Works team, you will receive the download link to your resources via email 1-2 business days after your payment has been cleared and confirmed with our bank.

Note: Files are delivered in this way Tuesday – Friday only. If you require your files urgently, please contact our team.

Yes. Our training and assessment resources are continually updated to meet the training package requirements set out by ASQA. That ensures our RTO resources are always up to date and that they provide the highest quality learning and assessment experience possible.

Our RTO resources are sold as a one-off purchase. You are welcome to customise the materials to suit your students’ needs, company branding, assessment requirements and learning models. As long as the content and substance of our RTO materials is unchanged, customers can rely on our Compliance Promise to address any issues raised at audit.

  • Our RTO materials are supplied as a one-off, up front purchase. There are no ongoing fees required to use our materials.
  • RTO Works retains the copyright, intellectual property rights and distribution rights pertaining to our training and assessment resources.
  • RTO Works does not provide the right to resell our learning materials.
  • Our RTO materials are only intended for education and training purposes within Australia.
  • Each purchase of our resources is supplied with one (1) unrestricted licence that enables a single RTO to distribute the materials to an unlimited number of students.
  • Training and assessment materials can be adapted, edited or modified to suit your requirements.
  • Training and assessment materials can be distributed to students and instructors through your Learning Management System (LMS), electronically or as physical printouts.
  • The purchasing RTO is responsible for contextualising our learning materials to align with your Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) and other compliance requirements.
  • The purchasing RTO is responsible for ensuring the units you purchase meet the qualification and skillset packaging rules.
  • The purchasing RTO is responsible for customising training and assessment materials to suit the business’ requirements and learning models.

In our experience with RTO audits, we have found that “compliance” is subjective and varies from one assessor to another. That means we cannot guarantee our resources will pass the audit process. However, our strict quality standards ensure our learning materials align to unit requirements, reducing the chance of issues being raised at audit.

In addition, our RTO resources are supported by our Compliance Promise. The RTO Works Compliance Promise means we will be there to rectify or challenge any issues that are raised during an audit at no cost to you.

You can claim our Compliance Promise by contacting us if you have any trouble at audit due to our learning and assessment materials. You will need to supply a copy of the audit report that outlines the issues raised, as well as a copy of the tools that were submitted to the auditor. The RTO Works Compliance Promise only applies if the content and substance of our materials remains unchanged.

The RTO Works head office is located at 38 Gipps St, Collingwood VIC, Australia.

As per the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, we are only required to offer a refund on our resources if there is a “significant problem” with the product. As digital goods cannot be returned, we do not offer refunds due to change of mind or if you find a similar product somewhere else.

If you ordered RTO resources for a unit that you have previously purchased from us without realising, we can offer you a credit for that unit.