Meet Brooke and see how she’s transforming RTO Works


As General Manager since January 2020, Brooke Lombard has had an immense impact on RTO Works, thanks to her unique combination of skills and experience in supporting and growing businesses across a number of industries.


Growing RTO Works’ portfolio


Since joining the team, Brooke has led the way on the extensive rebrand of RTO Works, as well on developing the company’s new “Works” qualification categories and offerings. Her goal hasn’t just been about modernising the look and feel of RTO Works, it’s been to make it easier for VET providers to get the quality learning and assessment material that they need.

A large part of Brooke’s initiative to grow the range of qualifications from RTO Works and expand into new areas – including the recently released Hospitality Works and Community Services Works suites – has involved strengthening the company’s knowledgeable team of instructional designers. By personally getting to know RTO Works’ incredible clients, she’s also received valuable input into the development of these new products and services.

Brooke understands that what was compliant in the past is not necessarily considered compliant today. For this reason, the focus on regularly updating material to reflect legislative and industry changes means that RTO Works is ahead of the curve and that its resources will remain industry-leading in the long term.


Collaborating with the team


Brooke is guided by the ideals of maintaining consultative leadership and following best practices. When pushing to evolve the offerings from RTO Works, the greatest results come from presenting her vision and goals to the team – allowing them to generate their own creative concepts and plans. 

Discussing openly, challenging ideas and working constructively together on solutions are the hallmarks of a development session under Brooke’s guidance. She firmly believes that each person has their own strengths – and that it’s important to encourage those people to build upon those skills. Sharing knowledge with a mindset that’s focused on mutual growth leads to the best outcomes – not just internally, but also when creating new learning and assessment resources.

Building excellent relationships


The strongest pillar of RTO Works is the relationship between Brooke and Sally, the Director of the company. Both the consultancy side (led by Sally) and resources side (led by Brooke) are constantly informing each other – with client discussions leading to better resource development and more robust resource knowledge leading to more holistic consultancy. 

Together, Brooke and Sally are also always analysing audit reports and keeping up to date on industry standards to inform their planning and direction.

You can follow Brooke on LinkedIn here to keep up with the latest on RTO Works!