What makes great training and assessment strategies and LLN kits?

At RTO Works, our focus has always been on developing quality and affordable resources for VET providers, which are backed by our Compliance Promise. This belief in quality extends beyond our training and assessment material to our supplementary documentation.

We now provide training and assessment strategies (TAS) as well as language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) kits for our qualifications – which help make running and managing your RTO even easier.

Training and assessment strategies from RTO Works

RTO Works’ training and assessment strategies

Training and assessment strategies have been a popular request from our clients. A great TAS provides a clear overview of how to run your course, with all the necessary top-level information that an RTO needs to manage its delivery and assessment. 

The regulator (ASQA) requires a TAS before a VET provider can add a course to their scope of registration. Every TAS must also be kept up to date, as circumstances around the course change. 

While an RTO can create their TAS in-house, going through the process with a quality consultant, who knows their resources inside-out, will lead to a better quality document. We develop TAS roadmaps in consultation with our clients – because every RTO, its strategy, student cohort and training methods are different. 

This is where many other resource providers miss the mark. By distributing generic or templated TAS documents that don’t reflect the needs of the RTO, the TAS ends up not being relevant or fit for purpose – leading to complications at the audit stage. 

If you’re submitting an initial application, RTO Works can also help create your required timetable document. Our bespoke TAS and timetable service is available on a two-week turnaround. Get in touch with our team to find out more. 

LLN kits from RTO Works

RTO Works’ language, literacy and numeracy kits

A language, literacy and numeracy kit allows your RTO to ascertain whether a student has sufficient core skills (defined by the Australian Core Skills Framework) to complete their chosen qualification before they’ve enrolled. 

This helps you assess:

  • whether that student will need additional preparation or ongoing support during the course of their study, or 
  • whether the student is enrolling in a course that’s the right level for them. Perhaps a Certificate III is more appropriate for their skill levels, rather than a Diploma. 

Tailored to each of our Works suites, LLN kits from RTO Works include screening questions and comprehensive guidance for the assessor, to determine where the student sits according to the ACSF. They’re designed to test a student’s learning, reading, writing, communication and numeracy capabilities in the context of their chosen industry. 

LLN kits are currently available for Business Works, Community Services Works, IT Works and Hospitality Works. Talk to our team to learn more. 

Quality RTO Works material

As with all RTO Works learning and assessment material, our TAS roadmaps and LLN kits are available as a once-off, unlimited license. We provide all our documentation in Word format, so you can easily incorporate it into your learning management system. 

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