Meet Aubyn, Director of First Impressions at RTO Works

At RTO Works, every member of our team is more than just their role. None of us is a “manager”, “executive” or “assistant”. We have a vision of transforming the VET sector for the better. Our team approaches every day with the belief that each of us has an equal part in working together to realise that goal.

For Aubyn, who joined us in 2020, her part in the puzzle involves providing client support that goes beyond their expectations. As a key link between our resources development team and our clients, Aubyn is on the front line. She makes sure that every client, partner and contractor is valued and well-looked after.

We wanted to showcase the wonderful Aubyn for those who may not have met her yet.

Aubyn's Profile Picture

Ensuring top-notch client support

With so many resource providers out there, it’s important for RTO Works that we can clearly distinguish ourselves – not just with quality material, but also through outstanding interactions with our clients and stakeholders.

As our Director of First Impressions, Aubyn delivers impeccable customer service and support to everyone who engages with RTO Works. Distributing exceptional learning and assessment resources wouldn’t be possible without the ability to build trust among both prospective and current clients.

That’s Aubyn’s number one priority, which she accomplishes with both positivity and professionalism.

Leading the charge for sustainability

Alongside her other administrative duties, Aubyn offers daily support to both Brooke (our Chief Visionary) and Sally (our Thinker of Deep Thoughts) to achieve the RTO Works vision. Part of this involves spearheading our sustainability initiatives.

Aubyn works almost completely digitally from a home office and using her own devices to minimise both her waste and carbon footprint. She’s constantly looking for innovative new ways to reduce RTO Works’ environmental impact.

Shining through with personality

Within just a few short months of joining RTO Works, Aubyn made herself indispensable to our daily operations. As an organised, efficient and fantastically friendly member of our workforce, she brings the perfect balance of bubbliness and professionalism.

She has an innovative spirit and a commitment to transparency and accountability that we value in our business. We truly believe that she represents the best of our team to clients, partners and contractors.

Get in touch with RTO Works (and speak to Aubyn) to see how we can provide you with exceptional RTO learning resources.