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RTO Works is helping Zeoform™ develop a new course

Did you know that, according to National Geographic, approximately 18 billion pounds of plastic waste finds its way into the ocean each year from around the world. On average, Australians alone use 130 kg of plastic per person each year, with much of that going un-recycled.

This mass pollution of plastics has created over 200 marine ‘dead zones’ where life no longer grows, and this plastic has even begun to enter our food chain. Studies have shown that we could be ingesting the equivalent of a credit card’s worth of plastic (5g) each week!

However, it isn’t just at home where we need to take action to find our way out of this crisis. Businesses have a significant role to play in reducing our reliance on toxic materials and plastic. This need for truly sustainable resources has led to the creation of Zeoform™.

What is Zeoform™?

Zeoform™ is a sustainable material composed simply of cellulose (plant fibre) – the primary component of all plants on Earth – and water. It’s made by processing recovered biomass into industrial-strength, structured material – without using any chemicals or additives.

The material is so versatile that it can be moulded into anything from product packaging and furnishings, all the way up to construction material. Imagine plastic and wood replaced by a stronger super-material – with the goal of keeping trees standing and oil in the ground.

An Australian innovation, Zeoform™ is fully sustainable, biodegradable and renewable. The company that produces the material – led by co-founder and CEO, Alf Wheeler – works directly with businesses to create viable and sustainable products and applications using this renewable technology.

We’re working with Zeoform™

Sustainability and caring for the environment are values that every member of the RTO Works team shares. We do our best each day to minimise waste by operating as a digital-first, environmentally-friendly business that’s focused on reducing our carbon footprint.

However, we wanted to take our corporate social responsibility and our commitment to our planet further. Sally and Brooke at RTO Works have seen firsthand the incredible work that Zeoform™ does to promote a circular economy and encourage businesses to align their vision for a sustainable world.

That’s why RTO Works has been partnering pro-bono with Zeoform™ to develop a course that will transfer their team’s knowledge of sustainable and innovative manufacturing, and using plant fibres as a renewable manufacturing resource, to businesses across Australia.

Built on an 8-step value transformation process, this course will show businesses how to grow with a focus on keeping our planet healthy.

Developing non-accredited courses

As we’re doing with Zeoform™, RTO Works can help your business to develop non-accredited courses that share your industry knowledge – to equip prospective students with a specific skill set derived from your expertise or to meet your needs. Get in touch with us to find out more!