Developing resources for building and construction

Delivering training in building and construction can be challenging. It’s a highly technical and regulated industry that requires graduates with practical and diverse skills. Trainers and assessors need flexible and engaging tools that support them to meet the needs of their learners. That’s where RTO Works comes in. 

We have just released the first learning and assessment resources for qualifications in our Building and Construction Works suite

Resources available in this suite:

Putting useability and practicality first

When designing the Building and Construction Works resources, we partnered with Reubarquin Press to focus on learners, trainers and assessors. While it’s crucial that learning and assessment resources meet compliance requirements, compliance shouldn’t be at the expense of useability and flexibility. We see it as a given. When you buy resources you should be secure in the knowledge that they are compliant. It’s a bit like buying a house – it’s safe to assume that it’s going to come with a roof and walls. It’s the other bits that you pay attention to.

That is why our Building and Construction Works suite:

  • embraces and builds upon the stories and experiences that learners bring to the classroom
  • maintains flexibility for use in any environment
  • supports delivery and assessment of multiple competencies at once or can be used as a standalone product
  • provides comprehensive marking advice, benchmarks and quality indicators that recognise the industry experience, qualifications, knowledge and competency of trainers and assessors.

Including valuable video content

As part of Building and Construction Works, we’ve collaborated with the experts at Buildsum. Led by an experienced trainer and assessor with over 20 years in the building and construction industry, Buildsum has provided valuable subject matter expertise

RTO Works has also worked with Buildsum to incorporate their video instruction content into our learning material. Covering a wide range of topics, these videos combine clear, concise explanations of practical concepts with helpful visual cues for students. They feature common residential building techniques, tips and tricks that are relevant for builders in the Australian building and construction industry.

Partnering with Reubarquin Press

Our partnership with Reubarquin Press brought 20 years of commercial textbook publishing and resource development experience to the Building and Construction Works project. Reubarquin shares the RTO Works vision for flexible, quality resources that encourage and support critical thinking and that don’t lock you in to a ‘one size fits all (or any)’ assessment model. Of course, they also recognise that, while incredibly boring, compliance is important.

Check out their Linkedin.

To add Building and Construction Works resources to your portfolio, contact RTO Works.