Meet Mehil, one of the faces behind RTO Works

If you’ve engaged RTO Works in the past, you’ll probably recognise Mehil’s name. He’s one of your main contact points with us – primarily as our Accounts Manager. What you may not know about Mehil is that his contribution to RTO Works and client results runs much deeper than just invoicing! 

As a longtime core member of our team, we want to share with you a little bit about Mehil and his role – to help you put a face to the email signature and spotlight one of the true professionals behind your partnership with RTO Works.

Managing financial viability 

With finance being Mehil’s area of expertise, he’s your primary point of contact for your financial viability risk assessment – which is part of your application to ASQA when setting up a new RTO and CRICOS provider. While you will still need to get your application signed off by your accountant, Mehil’s experience with ASQA’s FVRA tool will save you time and money. 

Financial viability assessment is a complex process that involves collecting information and working with you across a range of areas to: 

  • develop course pricing, 
  • make assumptions about student intakes, and 
  • determine various fixed and variable costs for operating your RTO. 

This is a service that other VET consulting businesses rarely offer, but which we’re able to provide advice on – thanks to Mehil. He’s worked closely with many of our clients on their forecasting and auditing as part of their business plans, and assisted in submitting their financial documentation for formal registration.

Years of experience and unique skills

Mehil is a qualified mathematician and statistician, who’s passionate about sustainability and health. His deep understanding of numbers is invaluable not just to us, but also to your new RTO or CRICOS provider. 

With a unique skill-set that complements the wider RTO Works team, Mehil is a knowledgeable and familiar face – who’s here to help throughout your relationship with us.

To work with Sally and Mehil on setting up your new RTO or CRICOS business, get in touch with us today!