Meet Heidi, the power publisher at RTO Works

In any learning and assessment resource provider, one of the most crucial roles involves preparing, producing and managing your resources. It’s important that you have a member of the team on-hand to assist the instructional designers with editing, proofing and laying out student-facing material. 

Here at RTO Works, our power publisher is Heidi. While she may be one of the youngest members of our team, she certainly doesn’t lack experience. With a Certificate III in Live Production and Services and a knack for communications, Heidi has been crucial in publishing our resources since 2018.

Heidi RTO Works

Publishing easy-to-use resources

When you purchase learning and assessment material from RTO Works, you’ll see some of Heidi’s handiwork. The majority of her role involves assisting the team with:

  • template management and formatting, 
  • proofing and referencing,
  • PowerPoint presentations development, and
  • layout and desktop publishing, 

Once our dedicated instructional designers have produced trainer and assessor copy, Heidi supports them by taking that content and creating copy for student guides. 

RTO Works approaches material preparation from the perspective of the end-user – ensuring that a qualification doesn’t just have all the information that it needs, but that it’s also easy to administer and understand. That’s one of our primary strengths: usability

Assisting in administration

The admin team is the beating heart of any organisation. Keeping day-to-day business running smoothly and being on-hand to provide assistance to other areas of the business are two of the biggest contributors to workplace efficiency.

At RTO Works, up until recently, that support has come from Heidi. However, as she’s progressed further in her publishing role, our newest team member – Aubyn – has stepped in to fill those admin shoes. Heidi’s training has been invaluable in setting up Aubyn for success – to smoothly take over client-facing duties.

Supporting our values and results

Heidi continues to grow and deepen her role at RTO Works, and we’re looking forward to improving her skills in resource development. She lives and breathes sustainability, and her alignment with our wider values and strong relationships with our instructional designers help contribute to our outstanding quality qualifications.

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