Meet our outstanding LMS partner: Strawberry Solutions



Operating a registered training organisation (RTO) involves more than just providing quality education. As a business, streamlining your processes and improving your learning and assessment delivery are crucial to ensuring that your organisation remains profitable and able to deliver positive student outcomes. Doing so minimises administrative time and maximises student engagement.

Your Learning Management System (LMS) is a powerful tool that helps you meet your compliance requirements, scale up effectively and enhance student experiences. 

The challenge for many RTOs is that once you’ve signed up to a new LMS, your team may not have the technical expertise or time to build your qualifications into the new system. To address this common problem, we recommend Strawberry Solutions, one of Australia’s leaders in LMS implementation for vocational education and training providers!

Why an LMS is important

An LMS helps you efficiently administer course units in ways that are appealing for students, while managing your student development and competency. By organising your learning material, assessments and student resources into an interactive platform – along with simplifying and automating your data reporting – you’ll save time and money that you can reinvest in other areas of your business. 


About Strawberry Solutions

We’ve chosen to connect with Strawberry Solutions, to help our RTO clients take advantage of their chosen LMS platform. They can help improve your student engagement and retention, along with the reputation of your organisation and your productivity – all of which affect your bottom line. 

Producing a course inside an LMS is not just about copying and pasting the text of a Learner Guide. It involves graphic design, learning design, learning activities, interactivity and applying educational principles – such as cognitive load theory. When designing an LMS course, you’re creating a beautiful eLearning experience. 

Strawberry Solutions are experts in implementing advanced LMS’ for VET providers across Australia. If you already have an LMS, they can arrange an in-depth audit to identify improvements and offer advice on upgrading and migrating from existing platforms. Having worked with some of Australia’s largest businesses and training providers, they understand what it takes to administer quality education.

Working with RTO Works

RTO Works wants to equip our VET clients with a flexible online solution for every qualification that we develop. While we continue to focus on our strengths (developing exceptional resources at highly competitive prices), we aim to work alongside LMS professionals who collaborate with us to get the best results for our VET providers. That’s the team at Strawberry Solutions! 

Their belief in offering superior service and systems that suit the unique needs of your organisation align completely with our values at RTO Works. They are highly familiar with our resources and adapting them to suit online formats and their team can take the hard work out of maintaining your LMS in-house. Even if you already have an LMS, or you don’t want to adopt one, Strawberry Solutions can convert your RTO Works resources into interactive and engaging formats. 

If you’re an existing RTO Works client, or you’re looking to become one, get in touch with Strawberry Solutions for a demo of their LMS combined with our resources.