Release 6 of our IT qualifications – available now

Applying skills in information and communication technology towards practical business solutions is invaluable in today’s corporate environment. Even basic programming proficiency and the ability to grasp new technologies and practices can jumpstart a career or be the difference between success and failure.

The newly updated Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Information Technology from RTO Works make teaching and learning these skills more intuitive than ever. See the ways that we’ve enhanced our most popular IT qualifications!

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How we’ve improved our IT resources

Release 6 has seen our training packages receive more than just incremental updates. Our team worked hand-in-hand with one of our valued clients to ensure that these resources are industry-suitable and include the most up-to-date information in this fast-changing field. This has resulted in many units making use of our new ‘project portfolio approach’, which increases flexibility and options for learning and assessment for students who are working.

Additionally, RTO Works’ focus with Release 6 was to maximise the usability of learning and assessment material that we provide with each unit. Developments in how we deliver information, our fostering of a ‘two-task approach’ and clearer document designs make Release 6 more user friendly than ever. This also reduces the amount of contextualisation required for students, thanks to our direct language and straightforward resource structure.

Finally, each IT qualification now comes with complementary User Guides for trainers, assessors and students. These are lean and customisable documents that assist you with fully utilising the resources included with each unit, as well as including templates for delivery, tasks and student agreements.

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Student outcomes for IT

The three units available with Release 6, to add to your RTO portfolio, include:

These qualifications are well suited for aspiring network technicians and developers, as well as systems administrators and analysts.

At their core, these qualifications provide a mixture of ICT and BSB units. Their goals are to equip students with a practical understanding of the following information technology principles in a corporate environment:

  • Business analysis,
  • Programming techniques,
  • Problem solving,
  • Emerging technologies and practices, and
  • IP, ethics, privacy and cyber security.

From a business perspective, these qualifications also guide students on interacting with clients and managing client problems, as well as direction on leading and managing a team.

Because electives comprise the bulk of these qualifications, actual learning outcomes are highly flexible, and can include:

  • Building user interfaces,
  • Installing and managing hardware, servers and networks,
  • Supporting ICT projects,
  • Creating markup language documents,
  • Developing apps and websites and interactive media, and
  • Managing project quality, risk and governance.

Affordable IT resources for your RTO

Because RTO Works has recently reduced the price of every one of its complete learning packs by over 25%, outstanding quality learning and assessment resources for your RTO have never been more affordable.

Contact the RTO Works team to add IT qualifications to your portfolio.