Introducing our new RTO Management System

Administering a Registered Training Organisation can be time consuming and daunting. From keeping up with compliance and financial reporting, to organising documents and managing resources – providing quality learning and assessment is only a part of what it takes to successfully run your business.

That’s where our RTO Management System (RMS) comes in. Systemising your business’ processes and procedures can help you tackle each day with more efficiency and stay on top of every facet of your RTO.



What is an RTO Management System?

As the name suggests, an RTO Management System is any collection of processes, procedures and documentation that makes managing your RTO more structured, organised and efficient. The goal of an RMS is streamlining how you run your business. From cutting admin costs, to ensuring that you’re meeting compliance requirements – it allows you to scale up your qualifications and student numbers, all while enabling your team to focus on providing top-notch outcomes.

While many RMS offerings on the market are software based – meaning that they require a subscription to an online platform or an app package – there are solutions available that you can integrate seamlessly into your existing system. Striking the right balance between automation, customisability, simplicity and functionality is at the core of choosing an RMS that suits your business. A one-size-fits-all package will likely not provide what you need, and you may wind up with an expensive “solution” that doesn’t address your RTO’s unique challenges.



What is the RMS solution from RTO Works? 

We’ve created an RTO Management System that focuses on the student journey. Designed as a streamlined experience, and with a user-friendly approach to managing administration in mind, it’ll fit into any learning provider’s internal structure. Our team of professional consultants can also customise the RMS solution to suit your business’ unique needs and situation.

As a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and supporting documentation in one package – including templated forms, student handbooks and orientation packs – our RMS will help you administer and organise:

  • Marketing and recruitment;
  • Student enrolment;
  • Student support and progression;
  • Training and assessment;
  • Regulatory compliance and governance; and
  • Course completion.


The RMS solution from RTO Works exceeds the requirements set out in the Standards for RTOs 2015 and the National Code 2018, and is suitable for providers in both the domestic and international spaces. 

Because it’s a system built on simple, text-based documents, it’s more robust and customisable than a standard business software package. You don’t have to worry about our RMS becoming unusable with app updates or unsupported over time. We also offer it as a once-off purchase – like all RTO Works products – rather than as an expensive, ongoing subscription. It’s a system that you make work for you, rather than the other way around.


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Reach out to us to learn how our RMS can transform how you administer your RTO – saving you time and money, and enabling you improve your learning and assessment.