Introducing: New eLearning Packs at RTO Works

The VET industry has shifted dramatically over the past few years. Outside pressures made it harder to deliver effective training, but new LMS capabilities have opened up opportunities in the way learners access coursework.

The rise of online learning is nothing new. Our industry has embraced e-learning, and our RTO materials need to keep up with the change. That’s why we are introducing our new eLearning packs!

RTO Works’ eLearning packs are an add-on to our existing RTO materials. They simplify the way your organisation develops, manages and delivers coursework, making it easier than ever to provide high quality, compliant resources that improve outcomes for students. Whether you need a CPC training package, HLT training package or SHB training package, our eLearning packs are a great addition to these RTO learning resources.

What do our eLearning packs include?

RTO Works eLearning resources include RTO materials that have been redesigned to deliver a beautiful and engaging eLearning experience. For convenience, these materials are packaged into your choice of SCORM-compliant files. eLearning packs are $300 + GST each and are an add on to our existing Learning and Assessment packs.

Each eLearning pack features specially designed online learning resources that can be delivered in a classroom or remotely for self-led learning.

Packs include RTO materials that have been developed by our experienced team in conjunction with subject matter experts, RTOs and leading trainers. Learners benefit from the best resources available, presented alongside interactive videos, graphics, articles and quizzes. The quizzes included in our eLearning packs are mapped to core learning milestones. They are a useful pitstop instructors can use to check each students’ comprehension before moving to the next section.

What are SCORM files?

Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) files are a standardised file format that is compatible with most Learning Management Systems (LMS). RTO Works eLearning packs are delivered as SCORM-compliant files that are ready for integration into your LMS.

Each SCORM file contains high quality resources that have been specifically designed for the eLearning format, delivering an effective and engaging learning experience. SCORM files make it easy to upload course resources into an LMS such as Moodle. No configuration or alteration is required – our eLearning packs are an off-the-shelf solution that are ready for immediate use.

Using SCORM-compliant learning packs drastically reduces the time and effort required to develop and upload resources you have purchased from RTO Works or another provider. This allows RTOs to implement new learning materials in a shorter time frame and improves organisational agility.
Packages are compatible with any LMS that conforms to the SCORM standard.

What eLearning packs are currently available?

We are developing eLearning packs for a range of resources. We currently have packs available for some business, community services and health units.

We’re encouraging customers to get in touch and register your interest for eLearning packs. We would love to hear your feedback on our samples and let us know which units you would like to see developed first!

Explore a sample of our new eLearning packs

RTO Works eLearning packs are an excellent way to shorten course development times, reduce costs and improve the learning experience for students and instructors.

We have designed our packs to be user-friendly, engaging and interactive, which helps to reinforce the material. This is especially useful when delivering coursework remotely and in self-directed settings.

We look forward to releasing our eLearning packs in the near future – get in touch with the team if you’d like to request a sample!