Automotive qualifications are coming soon

For those with a passion for cars, bikes and trucks, a career in the electrical, mechanical and servicing area of the automotive industry is a dream come true. As part of RTO Works’ ongoing initiative to grow our portfolio and meet each client’s needs, we’re expanding our offerings into automotive learning and assessment resources. 

Thanks to a new partnership with Automotive Assessment Tools (AAT), we’ll be exclusively providing new-release Automotive Learning Resources (AUR) through one-off licences. From Certificates II through to diplomas, these qualifications are backed by industry professionals and cover a diverse range of in-demand skills.

Student outcomes for Automotive Works

Resources for the following qualifications available soon in the new Automotive Works suite include:

  • AUR30620 Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology
  • AUR40216 Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis
  • AUR50216 Diploma of Automotive Technology
  • AUR50116 Diploma of Automotive Management

We will also be working on the following two resources throughout 2021:

  • AUR20220 Certificate II in Air Conditioning Technology
  • AUR20720 Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation 

These qualifications enable students to pursue popular careers as auto mechanics and technicians, or as senior managers in the automotive industry. Each one contains units that focus on broad areas of skills in the automotive workplace, which can include:

  • Maintaining safe working practices
  • Employing environmental and sustainability best practice
  • Communicating effectively
  • Managing team performance and customer issues
  • Analysing, testing, diagnosing, servicing and repairing within a field of expertise

This approach ensures that your RTO develops well-rounded prospective employees who possess the refined soft skills needed in the modern work environment, alongside their technical expertise.

As with all units offered through RTO Works, the resources provided alongside Automotive Works include:

  • Trainer’s Guides (both knowledge-based and practical)
  • Assessment Tools (both knowledge-based and practical)
  • Informative Slideshows
  • Mapping Guides
  • Practical Observations
  • Workplace Assessments and Suitability Statements

You’ll be equipped with everything that your RTO needs to manage in-person training and assessment. Our comprehensive guides cover all aspects of evidence required and clearly outline assessment conditions, which makes the delivery of these units simple.

About Automotive Assessment Tools

These resources have been developed by our partners at Automotive Assessment Tools (AAT). Kon Georgiadis of AAT is an automotive industry professional with over 30 years of real-world experience. 

Before becoming a qualified trainer, Kon honed his skills in a range of automotive businesses, including in OEM engineering and service engineering departments. He knows first-hand what it takes to go from a mechanic apprentice to an industry leader. Like us, Kon understands how important it is to create learning and assessment materials that aren’t just comprehensive, but also easy for both students and trainers to understand and use. 

AAT’s focus on flexibility and holistic education aligns perfectly with our values at RTO Works. Their training and assessment tools have been designed to help RTOs produce graduates that meet the needs of both employers and the industry as a whole. When you add an Automotive Works qualification to your RTO, you can be sure that it meets the high standard of quality that you expect from RTO Works.
Material from Automotive Works is ready for pre-order now! Get in touch with our team to add this trusted content to your RTO.