Add our popular qualifications in Management (Learning) to your RTO

Businesses today place a greater emphasis on mentoring and development than those of yesterday. The ability to create and implement strategy and the skills to nurture a productive workplace culture are more valuable than ever for managers in any organisation.

That’s why our Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning) and Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) are so popular! They help to meet demand from both the public and private sectors for holistic managers who embrace progressive ways of thinking and who can apply that knowledge to boost the performance of their organisations and their teams.


Why add these qualifications?

Although this material is in very high demand from students, RTO Works is one of the few trusted providers that offers it! Our resources are well known within the industry for exceeding compliance requirements, and the experienced consulting team at RTO Works can help you with managing any additions to scope.

Both Management (Learning) qualifications are flexible and user friendly. As with all qualifications from RTO Works, they’re available in Training and Assessment Packs (along with bonus Self-Study Guides) for unlimited use – as a one-time purchase and no ongoing fees.

Our Management (Learning) resources are also distinct from those offered by other learning and assessment material suppliers, because they don’t need the student to be in a current workplace for practical assessment. We provide comprehensive case studies and simulations that allow students to get the same hands-on experience in the classroom that they would on the job.

This is particularly powerful for international students, who would otherwise not be eligible for ‘graduate’ qualifications!


Jump start their careers

Management (Learning) gives your students a head start in a career in business – that puts innovation, change and strategic cultivation and implementation first.

BSB80515 Graduate Certificate in Management (Learning) is focused on developing your student’s ability to establish partnerships and relationships with stakeholders in the business industry, as well as shape the development of training organisational culture, structures and processes.

As the shorter of the two Management (Learning) qualifications, your students will further choose two electives to broaden their knowledge.

BSB80615 Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) develops your student’s ability to initiate, lead and sustain transformative thinking and practices in an organisation, as well as educating on how to involve research to enhance performance by influencing organisational strategy and outcomes.

With six electives to choose from to provide a wide range of additional knowledge and skills, the Graduate Diploma sets your students up for success.

Meet your prospective students’ expectations, and introduce them to a career that’s all about transforming enterprise from the inside!