SITSS00076 Business Management Skill Set

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Massage Clinic Policy and Procedure Pack

The assessments for HLTMSG units require a clinical training setting which includes documentation such as clinic policies and procedures, client intake forms, clinical treatment notes and more. Purchase our ready to use pack so there is one less thing to worry about when setting up your massage clinic environment. ‌


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Core Units

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BSBWRT411 - Write complex documents
SITXCCS016 - Develop and manage quality customer service practices
SITXCOM010 - Manage conflict
SITXFIN009 - Manage finances within a budget
SITXFIN010 - Prepare and monitor budgets
SITXHRM009 - Lead and manage people
SITXMGT004 - Monitor work operations
SITXMGT005 - Establish and conduct business relationships
SITXWHS007 - Implement and monitor work health and safety practices

Elective Units

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