Revising the Standards for RTOs

On October 16th, DEWR published the “Development of the Draft Revised Standards for RTOs Paper” as part of the broader reforms currently being undertaken across the VET industry.

What’s it all about?

The intention of revising the Standards is apparently to place a stronger emphasis on achieving high-quality outcomes for both learners and employers, as well as provide greater clarity to RTOs and regulators.

Draft versions of the revised Standards have been developed, considering feedback from various stakeholders, sector-specific analyses, expert evaluations, and comprehensive research. These draft revisions propose significant changes to the structure and content of the Standards, in theory stablishing a more transparent and direct correlation between the requirements that RTOs must adhere to and the specific outcomes they are expected to produce.

The revised Standards are being piloted in late 2023 and the Credential Policy is still in development. It is expected that the finalised Standards will be released in early to mid 2024 and take effect from January 2025.

Nuts & Bolts

There are now 25 standards across four quality areas:

  • Training and assessment
  • Learner support
  • VET workforce
  • Governance

The requirements of RTOs will be consolidated into three separate documents:

  • The Standards – a legislative instrument which outlines outcome-focused requirements that go to the heart of quality training and assessment
  • A Credential Policy – a policy document approved by Skills Ministers operating alongside the Standards which outlines the credentials required for delivering training and assessment and undertaking validation of assessment, and
  • Compliance requirements – important administrative requirements set out in a legislative instrument that support integrity in the sector and must be met by RTOs to maintain registration.

What this means for RTOs

RTOs will need to analyse the requirements of revised Standards and update their new systems and processes according.

Rest assured that RTO Works will be able to assist you with all your needs relating to the revised Standards including interpreting required changes to your systems and processes and/or providing you with our RMS that will meet the requirements of the revised Standards once they are released.

Need help? Our Internal Audits are a great way to ensure your RTO remains compliant and is ready for the release of the new Standards. Visit for more info