Meet Leandri, Compliance Warrior at RTO Works

At RTO Works, we’re constantly striving to deliver the highest quality resources for VET providers. At the same time, we want to make meeting compliance requirements as consistent as possible for our clients. 

To achieve that, we’re welcoming Leandri to the team. She’s our warrior when it comes to developing bespoke training and assessment strategies (TAS) for your team. Leandri has been with us part-time since 2019. However, she joined our team on a full-time basis in 2021 and has been producing fantastic results for our clients. 

Developing TAS documentation

Leandri’s primary role is working with our clients to put together high-quality training and assessment strategies (TAS) to fit each organisation’s unique requirements. These strategies help give your RTO a clear understanding of how to manage the delivery of our resources and assessments. 

Her outstanding attention to detail is crucial, as her role sees her handling high volume documents – including Business Plans, Student Handbooks and Course Brochures.

Helping you meet your requirements

Because VET providers must have a TAS before they can add a course to their scope of registration, it’s crucial documentation to get right. Where other resource providers may offer TAS templates, Leandri instead tailors her strategies to reflect the needs of each client. 

Her expertise and knowledge of our resources can help you avoid problems during the audit stage. Leandri works side-by-side with our principal consultant, Sally Tansley, to help ensure that our clients receive the best outcomes.

Focusing on people

As an extrovert at heart and someone who loves being around others (even over Zoom), Leandri has been a shining addition to the RTO Works team. Not only is she an animal and nature lover, Leandri is also passionate about giving back to the community. Wherever she can, she tries to do her best to help those in need.

It’s this thoughtful attitude and dedication to people that the rest of our team loves most about working with Leandri. She truly enjoys supporting others and is always willing to step outside her role to help ensure everything runs smoothly within the team and with RTO Works’ clients.


Does your RTO need training and assessment strategies for your new qualifications? Speak to our team today to find out how Leandri can help you.

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