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HLT Skill Sets

HLT Training Resources by RTO Works

RTO Works supports students and instructors across Australia with high quality HLT Training resources. Designed by a team with more than 20 years of experience, our HLT training package is filled with the knowledge and practical skills students need to succeed in their careers. We take a collaborative approach to designing RTO materials that sees us working with subject matter experts, trainers and RTOs. Their input allows us to create well-rounded HLT training resources that include everything your organisation needs.

Our HLT training resources are designed to support a changing industry. With a focus on providing up to date information, we provide everything your students and instructors need to enjoy a positive learning experience. Our HLT training package includes courses that focus on first aid, administering medication, infection control, workplace health and safety, assisting clients and emergency support, so we have materials to suit every industry.

RTO Works HLT units include the following:

Assessment – includes mapping, assessor resources (templates and documents as needed that include assessor guidance and benchmarks), assessor marking guide, student resources (with the student versions of the assessor resources inclusions), student assessment tasks.

Training – includes First Aid slideshow, HLTAID training manual, unit specific session plan, unit specific trainer guide mapping.
User resources – includes First Aid Student Trainer and Assessor User Guide, First Aid Student User Guide.

An important note is that our First Aid units are a little different – because there is so much overlap between HLTAID010, HLTAID011 and HLTAID012, instead of repeating the content throughout each Trainer Guide, we’ve developed an HLTAID Training Manual that spans across all three units. The inclusions for these units are as follows:

We back up our HLT training resources with the RTO Works Compliance Promise. Provided you haven’t changed the content of our HLT training resources, our team will be there to rectify problems or challenge issues raised during an audit. The Promise is our way of guaranteeing the quality of our HLT training package and giving your learners access to industry leading material.

High Quality HLT Training Resources

The RTO Works team offers HLT training resources that meet our strict quality control standards. We aim to provide positive learning experiences and outcomes, and that means we ensure our HLT resources are industry leading. Our HLT training resources support students and instructors with training and marking guides, learning materials, slide shows, assessments, self-study guides and more. Designed by subject matter experts and our experienced team, these resources provide the content, skills and tools your RTO needs.

RTO Works is proud to offer our HLT training package to RTOs around Australia. Each of our HLT training resources is created in house by our team of developers alongside subject matter experts. Utilising their extensive industry knowledge and expertise to deliver a superior product. The HLT resources we provide are designed to deliver the skills, tools and resources needed by students and instructors alike.

By focusing on providing well researched, real world RTO resources, we’re able to create HLT learning and assessment materials for a wide range of topics including workplace health and safety, first aid, health support services and more. Suitable for students looking to start or further their careers, RTO Works provides HLT training resources for Certificate II and General Health Units.

We ensure the quality of our HLT training resources remains consistent through our Compliance Promise. Provided the content of our HLT resources hasn’t been changed, we’ll be there to challenge audit issues or rectify problems with the content at no costs to you. The Compliance Promise is a key part of our commitment to the industry, and it allows us to provide your students with up to date resources that support their ambitions.

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    HLTSS00043 Telehealth Administration Skill Set

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    Massage Clinic Policy and Procedure Pack

    The assessments for HLTMSG units require a clinical training setting which includes documentation such as clinic policies and procedures, client intake forms, clinical treatment notes and more. Purchase our ready to use pack so there is one less thing to worry about when setting up your massage clinic environment. ‌


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    Core Units

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    CHCDIV001 - Work with diverse people
    CHCDIV002 - Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety
    HLTADM001 - Administer and coordinate Telehealth services (Pre-order)
    HLTADM002 - Manage Telehealth technology (Pre-order)

    Elective Units


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