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Building and Construction Works

CPC Training Resources for the Building & Construction Industry

With a course catalogue that includes CPC training resources that make up 15 qualifications, RTO Works provides quality learning materials for every student. Our CPC resources are designed by a team with more than 20 years of experience. We seek input from RTOs, trainers and subject matter experts, making our CPC training package some of Australia’s best learning materials for students and instructors.

Our collaborative approach to designing CPC training resources ensures we’re providing up to date information on industry practices and standards. This gives students the opportunity to learn real-world skills and knowledge that will serve them well in their careers. With CPC learning resources covering construction, carpentry, painting, tiling, bricklaying, plastering, concreting and more, RTO Works is ready to help your students achieve their ambitions.

RTO Works CPC units include the following:

Assessment – includes mapping, assessor workbook and student workbook.

Training – includes slideshow, trainer guide, learner guide and trainer guide mapping.

User resources – includes industry specific Trainer and Assessor Toolbox (Trainer and Assessor User Guide), Student Toolbox (Student User Guide)

Learning modules (learning modules are used across units to teach common concepts and both trainer and student versions are included)

Plans Bank (a bank of plans that can be used during assessment, but please note RTOs can choose to use their own plans for greater flexibility)

Which version should I order?
Sometimes you will see that we have listed two versions of a unit under a single qualification. This is because some units appear in multiple qualifications from the CPC Training Package, so we have produced versions that we refer to as ‘qualification specific’ and ‘general construction’.

Qualification-specific versions
For example, the Painting and Decorating version of a unit includes references to painting and decorating examples, the assessment has marking guidance specific to painting and decorating (where relevant) and the CPC training resources have been updated with painting and decorating video links, images and activities.

General construction versions
These versions can be used across multiple qualifications; however, the marking guidance, examples and video links are general in nature. You will need to contextualise the learning and assessment for use with each of the qualifications you are delivering if you choose to purchase a general construction version for use across a range of qualifications.

Important information about our Certificate IV and Diploma resources
Many of the units across the Certificate IV and Diploma qualifications require students to have access to a live site or a closely simulated live site. For many of these units, students will need to inspect, implement or be observed in a construction environment. This, along with state and territory variations to legislation, codes of practice and NCC requirements, has made it difficult to provide plans and specs or to create specific case studies and benchmark guidance within our assessments.

We have certainly made the CPC training resources flexible so that they can be used by students who are employed or who are classroom based but the assessments will require a higher level of RTO contextualisation than you might expect from, say, a BSB or IT unit.

We have provided additional guidance for trainers and assessors in our Toolboxes and we recommend that you review a sample unit before purchasing if you have concerns about the level of contextualisation which may be required.

CPC Learning Resources with Our Compliance Promise

RTO Works develops CPC training resources that are designed to support learners across Australia. Our RTO materials focus on providing skills, knowledge and tools that make the learning experience a positive process. To support students and instructors alike, our CPC training package is supplied with learning content, slideshows, self-study guides, training guides, marking guides and the relevant assessments. Together, these CPC learning resources allow instructors to deliver effective courses and promote successful learning experiences.

To ensure our CPC training resources are always up to date, we back up each of our courses with the RTO Works Compliance Promise. As long as the content of our CPC training materials hasn’t been changed, our team will challenge or rectify any issues raised during an audit at no cost to you. Our Compliance Promise is our way of standing behind our CPC training package and ensuring students have access to industry leading content.

RTO Works is proud to offer our CPC training package to RTOs around Australia. Each of our CPC learning resources is created in partnership with Reubarquin Press. Utilising their extensive industry knowledge and expertise to deliver a superior product. The CPC training resources we provide are designed to deliver the skills, tools and resources needed by students and instructors alike.

For information on what’s included in a BSB unit, please see our Business Works page .

You can also find information about providing simulated construction workplaces in the Companion Volume Implementation Guide for the CPC training package. RTO Works is proud to offer our CPC training package to RTOs around Australia. Each of our CPC resources is created in house by our team of developers alongside subject matter experts. Utilising their extensive industry knowledge and expertise to deliver a superior product.

By focusing on providing well researched, real world RTO resources , we’re able to create CPC learning and assessment materials for a wide range of topics including estimation and costing, handling of construction materials, construction projects, read and interpreting of plans and specifications, measurements and calculations and many more. Suitable for students looking to start or further their careers, RTO Works provides CPC training resources for Certificate I, Certificate II, Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diploma level courses.

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    CPC10120 Certificate I in Construction

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    CPC10120 Generic TAS

    Order a Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS) document designed for this qualification. Super easy to customise with an instruction guide and all information for the core units completed for you.


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    CPC10120 Logbook (Pre-order)

    Work placement provides students with an opportunity to apply their new skills and knowledge in a hands-on, real-life industry environment! This Logbook is designed so students can log their hours spent in a building and construction workplace during training. It also encourages students to reflect on their experiences as they apply their learning onsite. ‌


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    CPC10120 Equipment List

    Our equipment list will help you to gather the equipment and resources your students and assessors will find useful to access during this course! ‌


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    Massage Clinic Policy and Procedure Pack

    The assessments for HLTMSG units require a clinical training setting which includes documentation such as clinic policies and procedures, client intake forms, clinical treatment notes and more. Purchase our ready to use pack so there is one less thing to worry about when setting up your massage clinic environment. ‌


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    Core Units

    Unit Price Variation Select
    CPCCCM1011 - Undertake basic estimation and costing
    CPCCCM2004 - Handle construction materials
    CPCCCM2005 - Use construction tools and equipment
    CPCCOM1012 - Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry
    CPCCOM1013 - Plan and organise work
    CPCCVE1011 - Undertake a basic construction project
    CPCCWHS2001 - Apply WHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry
    CPCWHS1001 - Prepare to work safely in the construction industry

    Elective Units

    Unit Price Variation Select
    BSBSUS211 - Participate in sustainable work practices
    CPCCCM2006 - Apply basic levelling procedures
    CPCCOM1014 - Conduct workplace communication
    CPCCOM1015 - Carry out measurements and calculations
    CPCCOM2001 - Read and interpret plans and specifications

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