Meet Sally and the new RTO Works

For any VET provider, trust is crucial – trust in the resources that you’re adding to your portfolio and trust that you’re getting the right advice from consultancy. As a recognised name in the industry, J&S Learningwork built that trust over 20 years by forging successful relationships with RTOs and CRICOS providers around Australia. 

Now, J&S Learningwork is known as RTO Works! While our look may be different, the commitment to quality learning and assessment and the depth of experience that we’re known for are both stronger than ever. We’re ready for the next 20 years!

Sally’s journey from J&S Learningwork to RTO Works

Our Director, Sally Tansley, understands the importance of building trust with VET providers. She founded J&S Learningwork in 2000, and in that time, has become one of the most experienced names in the industry. Her career spans years as an auditor for a number of regulators, and through her work with training providers, industry stakeholders and government agencies, she’s developed long-standing and meaningful relationships in each area based on her unmatched knowledge and focus on productive outcomes. 

Today, Sally guides the RTO Works’ team of instructional designers on developing and refining training and assessment packages. Her deep understanding of the impact of quality resources is invaluable when creating material that achieves compliance on the first audit and exceeds the expectations of VET providers. Sally also continues to offer top consultancy services to both new and existing RTOs on everything from set-up to securing funding contracts and meeting ongoing compliance requirements.

Her passion for helping training organisations has stayed with her for decades, and Sally often leads discussions on new developments and regulatory reviews – providing insight and using her expertise to drive constructive changes and provide feedback for those in the industry.


RTO Works in 2020 and beyond

RTO Works is developing a range of new material and moving our existing material into new categories as part of our commitment to offering both more and clearer options for VET providers. We’ve already begun this new initiative with the Hospitality Works suite of qualifications now available. Over the course of 2020, we’ll be reshuffling our other qualifications to sit within their own “Works”, to make it easier for you to find and add the material that you prefer to your portfolio.

We’ll also be adding several new and in-demand qualifications to our range of products – each one developed in collaboration with industry experts. We’re excited for what we have to announce just around the corner, and we’ll keep you updated to ensure that your business can stay ahead of the industry and continue to succeed.